Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Project: Gothic City Sinple Ruins

Back to the project. First, an update on the backlog of buildings. Last week I picked an Imperial Sector. After looking at the current 4 gothic building on the table and folks posting some awesome stuff posted online, I wanted to fill in more ruined buildings. So there will be ~7-8 building plus scatter terrain.


Next the current building. I started working on this building as a Lab that was ruined and made some lab equipment. However, the lab equipment started to turn out really cool and I didn't want to bury it under rubble. Then Fallen (IC Forums) had a great suggestion of doing a medical center. I worked on designs and figure out that there was just not enough room to do what I had in mind. Hence the Imperial Sector and more work.


So the current building is jsut going to be a ruined building with a squatter shack on the second floor. Again the challenge of using the Pegasus Hobby buildings is the roof. So I put on a quick angle roof like the supply depot and boarded up the windows. The rubble is the new method which turned out well and there are lots of 'stuff' in the rubble to look through. This will not have many places to deploy troops and is meant for more as an impassible area.



  1. Nice piece. I love these Pegasus kits! They fit in perfectly to 40K!

  2. Love the rubble; that actually looks like a ruined building should look! Is there a post somewhere on how to do that?

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