Tuesday, October 19, 2010

On the Bench

On the bench this week is the jump chaplain and assault squad. I am using a eight-man squad to keep the point cost down. This way I can keep the power fist and plasma pistol on the sergeant. The squad is getting the normal airbrush and weathering. The chaplain was a old model that got some conversion to bring him up to date. The jump packs are magnetized so that everyone can pile in a Rhino. It looks like this will be my command squad for a while.

In assembly is the Assault Terminator squad. They have magnetized arms and Forge World shoulder pads. I played them in a game over the weekend and I am thinking they will get shelved until their Land Raider is done. Right now my army is very mobile and I am having trouble getting them into the fight in the right spot with deep strike.

I need to put some more sergeants into assembly and start paint on the heavy weapons marines. Go, go, yellow marines. Latter.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Project: Imperial Fists, Chaplin

While waiting for bases to dry on the current 5 marines I am painting, I picked up my Space Marine Chaplin in Terminator Armor and played around. There is a product I had been meaning to test out, Vallejo Liquid Gold.

Over all I love the results. It is harder to work with being alcohol based. It drys fast if you put it on a pallet so you have to work quick or paint out of the bottle. The pigment settles fast and you have to keep shaking it back up.

edit: by the way.. this is totally a work in progress, lots of detail work and clean up. But, for a couple of hours work while bases dried... I am happy. enjoy

Friday, October 1, 2010

Project: Imperial Fists, Progress

A quick post to show off the progress of Imperial Fists Project.

Vindicator 1 and 2 are shaping up. There is still lots of clean up, details and weathering to do. I have Vindicator 3 in the box waiting for room on the workbench.

Rhino 2 and 3 are about at the same point. The Tactical markings where done by making a stencil out of plastic-card. Still lots to do on them yet. They are not table ready.

Tactical marines round 2 Started with me trying to find a better way to base and being generally unhappy with the quality of round 1. This combat squad turned out much better. there are still little things I could work on, but it is just a matter of spending more time.

Well that is about it for things with enough yellow on them to show off, now more painting.