Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Project: Imperial Fists, chaplain v2


Thanks Heresy Is the Only Answer I have a new jump chaplain . I have been using a converted walking chaplain up unitil now. Painting the new terminator chaplain was a great deal of fun, so I am looking forward to this. It is also good to get back to Project: Imperial Fists which has lag a little with me being distracted by Eldar.

I am going to use this opportunity to re-work my jump squad a little. Right now it is 8 man squad including a flamer, a sergeant with plasma pistol and power fist. I going to drop the plasma pistol and power fist and bump it up to 10-man with 2 flamer. The power fist has been under performing and I have only killed myself with the plasma pistol. On the other hand the flamer have done great job in almost every game. This will also give me the option of combat squading them. All for about the same point cost, roughly.

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