Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Imperial Fists 10th Bike Squad

Working on Bike Squad number 1. There will be 2-3 bike squads and 2-3 Scout squads in the 10th company. Each squad is 6-man squads, I may adjust that depending on points, but I am going to try to keep it above 6.

10th Company bike squad 1

These are old models that I had laying around. The flamer is from an old Catachan flamers that I had laying around. You can see some bits in a pile in the photo, these are partial bike that I need to dig up parts to complete. Hello bits market. :)

10th company bike squad 1

...I wonder if I can sell my bits box?

EDIT: If the photo looks odd, it is because the lens on my camera phone is cracked, who knew?


  1. How many bikes are going to be in the 10th company? by the way they are really cool.

  2. Still trying to figure that out, my goal is half scouts half bikes... but I have yet to work out the points.