Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Imperial Fists 10th Captain


The 10th company is built around two things, one is of course scouts the other is bikes. To get the most out of them I need them as troops. That means bike captain. So I kit bashed a bike captain. I started with a space marine bike. I had not really notice before how dated the model is, before. When you look models like the new Deff Kopta you can see the difference in details. It really is amazing how old this model looks.


I used an scrap model so it didn't have handle bars. So I dug up some handle bar looking bits. The torso is a space marine as is the sword and head. Then I added a Imperial Fist pack and shoulder pad and some FW Icons and other bits.


I want the model to look chunky and epic next to normal space marine bikes since he will be leaded a five man bike troop.

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