Saturday, July 2, 2011

Project: Imperial Fists, milestone 2000+ points painted

Not really much to say, after a long night of painting and weathering. I now have 2000 points in painted Imperial Fists. I have a couple of thing left to do before I am ready for War Con, but if I had to drop the army in the car and go it is ready. Now the focus is on doing the last couple of things that can raise my painting score and finish the dozer blades. But enough about that on with the pictures!


The whole force in all it's glory. I am happy with the way they look at the table level. They are starting to get the numbers that motivate me to paint the rest of the 3rd company.


The Dreads came out ok, once they were weathered all the brush stroke that annoyed me are harder to see.


The whole army looks good together, not just because it all yellow, but the weathering makes it blend together better. The infantry and vehicles look like they have been in the same dirt. Ron FTW is right, you want to tie the model into the environment.


I really like the look of the army on the table. it makes such a difference for me in the game when you have painted armies on a nice looking table. I know they are not the best painted army, but I am proud to put them on the table and I think folks will enjoy lining up their armies against them. That is what counts.


  1. Looks really awesome. You should be proud every time you put that army down on a table. Looks like a coherent army.

    Only one question, how do you mark the squads? Couldn't see any squad markings. I like putting markings on mine so I am always curious of what others do :)

  2. Great point Flekkzo. Maybe a numerals on over the tac insignia. Puting that on my stretch list.