Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wargame Con report


It was a insane weekend. Very fun, congratulations to BOLS for putting on a great event and thank you again to the vendors who showed up. Here is how I did..

Painting: 29/30 points

I was hoping for 27 and would have been happy with anything over 25. At 29 points I am ecstatic! I saw a lot of great armies and to score that high is a real ego boast. There were 4 perfect scores of 30/30 and only 10 29/30. So it was a 10 way tie for 5th place. Out of ~100 gamers in the Rogue Trader bracket that is not bad. Only one person in the championship bracket tied me. So a very strong showing for a quick painted army.

Sportsmanship: 54 points (all good and 2 great)

I would say I had 6/7 great games. They were fun, relaxed and smooth. There was a minimal amount of rules arguing and lots of 'its close go ahead' moments. Only one game was hard to get through. As for scoring I was again tied with 17 people for 5th place. Only 8 people scored better in either bracket (4 in each all tied with the same score of 56). A very strong showing.

Battle: 36/~90 points

I was a solid 63rd. I only out score my opponent in one game all weekend and gave up the full 30 points in 3/4 games on Saturday. On Sunday when the brackets where split and the Battle points where rest, I scored points in all the game Sunday. Some my battle score was luck (I know, I know, snow... uphill), but 3 of my opponents commented on how really bad my dice were rolling. The photo from above was an actual game photo. It was a to wound roll from my S10 AP2 Vindicator Cannon on a GK Terminator command squad with feel no pain... yes he made the 1 inv save and ate my tank. I have a couple of photos almost this bad... just saying. I would not say it was horrible, but I defiantly could do better.

Total points: 119

55th place out of 100 in the Rogue Trader bracket and I will safely say everyone (33 folks) in the championship bracket are better players. So there you have it.

Full Rogue Trader Bracket Scores
Full Championship Bracket Scores

I will post my thought on games and armies later when I get caught up with life.

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