Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Project: Gothic City Sniper Tower

This on this building are going a bit slower. There is a lot more construction needed. I needed to put a floor not only on the roof, but also on the second floor, build out an interior wall on the second floor, 2 sets of ladders and a tower. Additionally there are more sandbags required being 50% longer of a building than the cathedral.


To keep the roof line from being just a big sandbag bunker, I added a small command post to it with a couple of search lights and a radio set. I will also add some barrels up here and maybe an ammo create to set dress the space. This has given me an idea for one of the ruins in the next set of buildings. I now can't wait to start on that but first this one needs to be finnished.


The building ended up getting a small sniper tower. It will be a tight fit for even a 5 man squad, but perfect for a Vindicar. This was my fist attempt to work with wood structures. Overall I am happy and am planning to do more. It is not as hard as I thought it would be.


I have some really cool stuff to finish this build out with, it just taking time to get all the sandbags on and details added in. In the end this will be a very complex piece with lots of stuff going on. Doing this project has given me lots of inspiration to give the table a feel that will be really cool to see when it is finished. It totally isn't just a couple of kit buildings anymore.


  1. Very cool, can't wait to see it finished. That tower will give a huge advantage to whoever gets it and I can easily imagine the sort of carnage that will unfold on the parapets during assaults! Great stuff.

    What are the sandbags made of?

  2. Sculpt-It Air-Hardening Clay ...


  3. Looks great. I have been following these gothic ruins posts with interest. I tried to order some, but amazon wouldn't ship them to Canada (the warstore is $25 shipping, so too much to).

    Two little tips that might work for what you are working on. The sandbag shape looks a little unnatural. You could try letting them drape and fold a bit differently. Sandbags usually take the shape of the bag next to it.

    The other tip is just that for visual interest you can spruce up your balsa wood tower by cutting the corners of the posts a little with an exacto knife to create a really worn look to the wood. You could also use a knife or steel brush to bring out a bit more of a wood pattern.

    Just some ideas. These look great so far!