Thursday, October 27, 2011

Project: Gothic City Damage

In doing the row house I want to create more of a ‘damaged feel’ than I did with the cathedral. I was a bit worried about this because when you are adding to a model you have lots of chances to see what the model will look like before you cross the point of no return. Doing battle damage, the moment you hack off a piece of plastic you’re committed to the way that looks. The only real option for fixing it is covering it up.


Laying out the flooring I discovered that it was going to be hard to create a 4th floor big enough for a 5-man sniper team. Also, if I make the interior accessible to hide guys in it really cuts down on the roof space. So instead I turned the 2nd floor into the sniper hole and blow the windows out to allow access to place models there.


Again all the windows on the ground floor are boarded up to block LOS. A Land Raider can hide behind this build, but tall models like Monoliths and Vendettas still have trouble.

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