Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On the Bench

I am in full assembly line mode with Imperial Fist Space Marines. The blog is way behind due to getting focused on painting. There are a large number of Space Marines that are in process. I have complete 15 marines that are table ready and 17 that are still on the sprue waiting on me to decided what they will become.

On the Workbench:

20 Space Marines w/ Bolters
7 Space Marines w/ Heavy Weapons
  • 2 Heavy Bolters
  • 2 Lascannons
  • 2 Plasma Cannons
  • 1 Missile Launcher
1 Space Marines w/ swappable magnetized Special weapons
  • 4 meltaguns
  • 4 Flamer
  • 3 Plasmaguns
  • 3 Bolters
2 Sergeant w/ Plasma Pistol and Close Combat Weapon
2 Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol and Power Fist

Tanks are moving along as well with 1 Rhino done, 2 Rhinos and 2 Vindicators waiting on weathering and painting of additional details. There is also an 8-man assault squad, a chaplain in Terminator armor and a chaplain in power armor that is being converted have a swappable jump-pack. So the workbench is full.

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  2. Write Using Wreathing Powders on Space Marines Tutorial
  3. The 'Wow, I suck' Battle Report

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