Monday, September 13, 2010

State of the legion

Well the great tank project is done. So here is the current state of my Steal Legion. Not all the tanks as you can see are weathered or details out, but not a bad looking on the table none the less.

The army is around 3,500 points. Originally there was 109 infantry models. I have been slowly adding more and there is still stuff on my project table. The troops are all metal with 4 base colors and a wash (no dipping for me). I estimate somewhere around 400 man-hours on line troops. Working full time that is about 3-4 months of no TV and no commitments other than work. So I am very proud of them.

Resent additions include finishing up Yarrick and work on the standard. With the Imperial Fist project, I have to keep telling myself not to buy more IG stuff. There is lots of cool new tanks, winged things and stuff. At one point I actually bought plastic Cadians, yes I am addicted to IG.

The Army has won local tournaments, scored respectably at a grand tournaments (16th in painting) and always been fun to play with friends. It is safe to say they are not going anywhere.

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