Monday, September 6, 2010

Tanks vs, Orks

I am a tank nut. On Saturday I threw down against one of my favorite Ork players. Three Chimeras, four Leman Russ, a Vanquisher, a Laser Destroyer and a Baneblade. Seven AV14 and three AV12 facing covering four feet of game board. It was quickly dubbed 'the parking lot' fight. We both made a couple of tactical, but the in the end Ork suffer heavy losses.

This is only the second time I have gotten to field the Baneblade and the first time it has gotten to fire a shot (*%#ing railguns). The first time it fired the 10" template onto an Ork Battle Wagon was a fun moment. The players on the two other tables stopped to come over a watch it land head on target. It turned the battle wagon into a smoking crater of scrap. At that moment the victory conditions for the Ork became kill the Baneblade which they achieved 2 turns later.

The game was a learning experience for both me and the Ork player. Me because, I need to work on my tank tactics. The Ork player because rockets are not the answer for AV14 tanks and on mass they are hard to get in behind. Now I want to buy a Stormsword... I am the only player with a super heavy and now I want two. :)

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