Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tactics: Imperial Fists - Vindicator Charge

Spent sometime working on space marine tactics yesterday. Since I am a fluff bunny my Imperial Fists list includes Vindicator siege tanks.

The Imperial Fists
2 Vindicators w/ siege blades
2 10-man Tactical squads in Rhinos

The Imperial Guard
1 Leman Russ w/LC and HB spons
1 Command Squad
1 Inf Platoon w/command squad w/ flamers in Chimera and 2 squads w/ ML
1 Vet squad w/ plasma guns

We set up with the IG in cover 24" away from the Imperial Fists. The IG would shoot first and we would play 3 to 4 turns or until one side had and an advantage. The IG player was trying to working on how to minimize the danger of assault.

After a couple of games two things became clear. One was that Vindicators are tough and the other is that the key is to keep the troops moving. The real danger to the IG in cover is assault from the marines. Learning this the IG player focused on the Rhinos. So overall the tactics works. Especially if the player focuses on the Vindicator's.

Vindicator Lessons learned
  1. Bring more than one
  2. Make them targets
  3. Keep moving them
  4. Tank Shock
Bring more than one: Vindicators are inexpensive and their value multiplies. One is ok, two is good and three is great. One is good, with one Vindicator you can deny ground if it is in cover but will die under concentrated fire. Two is good, with two the enemy will have to focus on one and the other can move and shoot (more panic). Three is great, with three they become the whole focus of the game (lots of panic).

Make them targets: With more than one keep them in the same area of the broad as things you don't want to get shot at. Running them with Rhinos is great.

Keep them moving: Keep them moving. I am talking about both the Vindicator and the troops. If a Rhino is immobilized, get the troops out and run them. Use the Vindicator as cover.

Tank Shock: A lucky tank shock with your assault troops close can be a quick win. Tank shock happens in the move phase and if they break you can assault many troops and wipe them out.

After playing around with it I am very happy with Vindicators. My 1,000 pts list will have 2 of them and Rhinos and my 2,000 pts list will have 3. :)

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  1. This made me think. Maybe I should use two Vindicators to bring my (not fully assembled and painted, yet) 1750 list up to 2000. Should bring havoc all around for sure :)