Saturday, June 4, 2011

Imperial Fists 3rd Comp - 2000 point Punch List

We are shooting for Wargames Con 40K Tournament in July. This means I need to get painting to finish the 2000pts list. Here is a picture of the current status:

2000 pts Imperial Fists - 3rd Company

There are getting there but there are 5 models not started with painting.

Not Started with Painting
1. Drop Pod
2. Dreadnought w/Assault Cannon
3. Ironclad Dreadnought
4. Assault Marines
5. Tactical Marine w/Multimelta

There are 9 models that are in progress:

1. Dreadnought w/Twin Linked Lascannon and Twin Linked Autocannon
2. Assault Marines
3. Assault Marine w/Flamer
4. Assault Marine Sergeant
5. 3x Tactical Marine
6. Vindicator
7. Razorback w/Twin Linked Lascannon

I think I am in good shape, but I do need to focus. Right now the Vindicator and Razorback are on the bench and some troops are staged. Eldar and 10th company have been put on hold.


  1. Nice, very nice. The 4th company approves for sure! Just curious of what you are putting in your Razorback. 5 man tactical?

    The dreads and the vindicators looks like they could be a nice combo. Does the ironclad come down in a pod?

  2. The Ironclad comes down in the drop pod. The 3 Vins are a great team, they keep the heat off the dreads and assault squad. The razor back is a 5-man tactical team for backing up the objective teams. The other tacs are split into a fire team and objective hunters. The list works well and I enjoy the fluffyness of a siege breaking IF list. Thanks 4th, someday we should hold a piece of ground together. I wonder if we can enough Fists to play the whole chapter?

  3. Painting first and fourth. Intending to make them full companies, somehow, in the future:)

    I would imagine the sight of all 10 companies on table at the same time must be a pretty cool sight. That would be something for a pretty cool Apocalypse game :)

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  5. Nice list, very nice.

    Amazing paint job, as always.

    I can't wait to see the drop pod, but I am sure you will do it justice if the vindicators are any sign.

    Three dreds and three vindicators? That's just dangerous!

    Who ever has said vindicators and assault marines don't work has never played you...