Thursday, June 16, 2011

Project: Imperial Fists, Dozer Blades


I am famous for failing difficult terrain tests with my Rhinos. Since I have been playing the 3rd Company I have passes 3 test and failed a dozen. Therefore I am breaking down and digging up 15 points to put dozer blades on my transport rhinos. I know this will mean I will never fail another test or just fail the same number twice in a row, but I buying myself an end to 'you should really think about dozer blades..' comments. Points well spent.

Now I have to figure out how to model them. I really like the Forge World Dozer Blades, but it is $80 to get them here before WAR Games Con in July and cash is tight, so hello bits box!

I found 3 old Chimera blades within about 2 minutes of looking. So here is what they look like. Not sure about the spikey part... Has anyone done a cool conversion for Dozer Blades?


  1. I can check at home to see if I have some of the new IG dozer blades if you're interested. We could a swap old for new, if you want.

  2. Hey man, your new post reminded of this.

    I found 2 brand new dozer blades on sprue (the new guard style).

    Hit me up and we can do a swap. (go to the website in my profile and the contact page, my email is there)

  3. OOOOO, I found a third! Had to pry it off a rhino (ugh) but it survived the removal.