Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On The Bench: Dreadnoughts


I have run into painters block in working on my dreadnoughts. All three dreadnoughts for the 2,000 point list are sitting on my bench staring at me. The main issue is how to tie in the armies red accents into the scheme. I have some ideas on weathering, but with 8 days left before the GT, I don't have a great deal of time to work out a plan.

The lesson here is; back when I was doing my paint tests, I should have painted a dread to make sure the paint scheme worked for all the models in my army. That way I would not being trying to figure out how these units would be painted under a time crunch.

I am sure they will be fine. It is just going to take longer to get motivated than if I knew exactly how they were going to look. That is the way my brain works, once I have an image in my head getting the model done is quick.


  1. Fellow follower of Dorn I see, I like!
    Great looking Dreadys.

  2. Great yellow color. I haven't really seen any company colors on any dreads to be honest. I've been thinking of how to do that as I, well, want that:) Going to let the venerables be white (1st company) and the others be green (4th). Just don't know how to incorporate that the best.

  3. I tried 2 or 3 ideas, but nothing really worked, in the end I used just the minimum amount of red to tie the dreads into the army. I am hoping that the weathering makes them fit in to the army.