Sunday, June 19, 2011

On The Bench: Getting ready for WAR Con GT


I forgot how much work getting ready for a GT is. As you can see from my bench things are coming along and very busy. Everything is yellow that needs to be yellow. The Drop Pod, vindicator, marines and razorback are ready for ink and weathering. The Dreads need a ton of work, they are the new worry now that the Drop Pod is coming along. The dozer blades are ready for paint. These are temporary until FW one come in. I don't want the worry of not having them in hand hanging over me.

Looking at the painting scoring system for WAR Con, it looks like I will get 24/30 points. Not bad, I may enter the Master of the Arsenal into the painting contest as my fist entry ever. I don't expect to win anything! He is good for me but there are so many talented painters in the single mini group, he won't even stand out.

All and all though I am happy with my speed painted Imperial Fists army. 2,000 point of Imperial Fists, 46 figures and 11 vehicles in 11 months. That is 2 figures a week plus a vehicle every month. That is with building an Eldar army and a 10th company army to test play. I have a full time job, I have not gotten divorced and my son still knows who I am... not bad.

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