Monday, January 24, 2011

Apocalypse Megabattle

Great fun over the weekend at the Apocalypse Megabattle Dallas Adeptus North Texas. The event was part of the worldwide Apocalypse Megabattle coordinated through

It was my first Apocalypse game and I will say it was fun. It took me a while to warp my mind around the idea of Apocalypse. As far as I can see the idea of Apocalypse 40k is to play big battles without caring who wins. The last part is important because there is no real balance or tactics. This is all about huge numbers of big models. I brought 3,500 points in steel legion and wasn't even a factor in this game. Don't get me wrong I have a blast! Once I realized I should stop trying to think andfocus on playing my big models, the game got a lot more fun.

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Here was a big thing for me in the game. Painted models. It was soo much more fun playing painted models against painted models. You can see from the pictures. The game looked great. I only had the camera on my cell phone and wished I had my full sized camera. The game was amazingly visual. You loose that playing unpainted models.

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