Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Project: Imperial Fists, Assault Squad

I finished up weathering and details on the Space Marine Assault Squad. The helmets turned out good, although they do kinda look like a football team.

The weathering on the jump packs turned out great. I had to dry brush some Chaos Black to get the scorch marks dark enough.

You may wounder why only 8 Marine, the reason is to keep them down around 200 points. I found that the durability of 8 vs. 10 is not that great and keeping them around 200 means I can field this squad in a 750 point game.


  1. They look great. The weathering on the jump packs is especially good.

  2. Excellent weather effect on the jump guys...very impressive.

    First time I really noticed the basing...very nice neutral tone, which bridges well with the yellow.

    I am still struggling a bit with basing for my nids...hopefully it will come around.

    thanks for the post!