Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On The Bench: New work area

We’re in the new house and things are getting back to normal. So it is time to set up the work area and start painting again. I thought I would write up my thoughts on setting up my new bench to get back into the blogging habit.

Here is the new work area. The airbrush setup will need to move to the garage. I will be setting that area up in a couple of weeks once the house is unpacked. As you can see I have a smaller area but lots of storage. So far it is working well. With the area being more central to the rest of the house I can paint and be around the family. The old painting area was in the dungeon area of the house and so far away as to be out of reach if I was needed.

So first up on the bench is finishing off the Space Marine assault squad. I am done with the ink wash and will weather them tonight. Once I get the airbrush set back up I will start on tactical squads again. I have a set of sergeants for each squad (one with bolt pistol and chain sword and one with bolt pistol and power fist). This way I can change out weapon load outs as needed for adjusting points. My 500, 1000, 1500 and 1850 lists are stabilizing (more about that later) and I need to complete all of those models.

I am starting to line up projects again. Here is what I have on the horizon:

Complete Battle Company (3rd) of Imperial Fists

  • Planning - Done
  • Buying - 90%, 1 Rhino, a couple of assault marines and HQ models left
  • Assembly - ~45%
  • Painting - 30%, 2-3/6 Tactical Squads in process, 1/2 assault squads and 0/2 devastators

Build an Imperial Fist 10th Company Army of Scouts and Bikes

  • Planning - Theme/Paint Scheme done, working on army list
  • Buying - ~60%, 2 squads of scouts and most of the bikes
  • Assembly - 0%
  • Painting - 0%

Eldar Army

  • Planning - Vague idea of what type of army I want to play, not paint scheme yet
  • Buying - ~20%, Battle Force, Fire Prism and Warp Spider, Ranger and Farseer boxes
  • Assembly - 0%
  • Painting - 0%

Magnetized Imperial Guard Shadowsword / Stormlord

  • Planning - Researching
  • Buying - 100% being shipped now
  • Assembly - 0%
  • Painting - 0%

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  1. Seems like you've really got yourself organised. That's good. It should hopefully keep you motivated as you can track your progress and with a blog this gets even better as it gives you reason to keep painting as we are always keen to see more.