Thursday, January 13, 2011

Project Status - Imperial Fists Full 3rd Battle Company

Here is a state of the project for Imperial Fists 3rd Company. Yes I am building the whole battle company. After looking at it I am not that far off. It was kinda a wild off in the future statement when it was suggested, but now I can see it coming together.

A tip of my hat to paintedpotato over at dakkadakka who has already completed a Imperial Fists Full Battle Company.

HQ 50%
  • Buy Master of the Arsenal (Captain)
  • Assemble Apothecary, Standard Bearer and Command Squad
Tactical Squad (1) 95%
  • Paint Lascannon
Tactical Squad (2) 80%
  • Paint Lascannon, Sergeant and Flammer
  • Finish Weathering Rhino
Tactical Squad (3) 80%
  • Paint Sergeant and Plasma gunner
  • Finish Weathering Rhino
Tactical Squad (4) 20%
  • Paint Squad
  • Assemble Rhino
Tactical Squad (5) 10%
  • Paint Squad
  • Assemble Rhino and 5 Tactical Marines
Tactical Squad (6) 5%
  • Buy a Rhino
  • Paint Sergeant and melta gunner
  • Assemble Rhino, 7 Tactical Marines and Heavy weapon
Devastators Squad (7) 10%
  • Paint Sergeant and 5 Devastator Marines
  • Assemble 4 Devastator Marines
Devastators Squad (8) 0%
  • Buy one more Devastator box
  • Assemble Sergeant and 9 Devastator Marines
Assault Squad (9) 90%
  • Paint 2 Assault Marines
Assault Squad (10) 0%
  • Buy one more Assault Squad box
  • Assemble Sergeant and 9 Assault Marines
Armory Support 60%
  • Paint 2 Dreadnought s
  • Assemble 1 Vindicator
So to finish things out I need 1 Assault Squad box, a Devastator box, a Rhino and a Master of the Arsenal. Everything else, I have already. Need to assemble 3 Rhinos (maybe two more for the devastators), 12 Tactical Marine with bolters, 13 Devastators plus another Sergeant, 10 Assault Marines, command squad and a Vindicator. Painting is coming along, but has a long way to go. Once I get the airbrush set back up I will start cranking through that again.

I think tonight I will work on Rhinos.

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