Monday, January 17, 2011

Project Status - Imperial Fists Full 3rd Battle Company part 2

So after some more assembly, I need to stop gluing and start painting. There is a point where you have too much bare plastic in a project. I find that it can hurt my motivation. Completing a squad at time you have this vision of what the whole will look like. There is an identity to the project and the more bare plastic the less I can see it.

All unpainted armies look the same to me. But with paint on them they turn into something more real. It is like without yellow this project would be about plastic which I have no real emotional tie to. Paint them yellow and I suddenly they are now Imperial Fists connected to all the great books, fluff and other painted Imperial Fists armies I drooled over.

So I have two painting projects before I have to have the airbrush setup. There are 4 marines that need weathering and two of the Rhinos need detail work and weathering. After that it is get the airbrush setup or die.

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