Sunday, January 23, 2011

On the Bench: Up and running

Airbrush got setup up this week and I started in on my Sgt, heavies and specials. Tactical squad 1 and 2 are both going to have Lascannon and flamer so they can break into a AT fire team and assault team. There was a couple of big game this weekend and I wanted to get a least 3 colors on 750 points so that the Imperial Fists could play if needed. I ended up playing the Apocalypse 40,000 megabattle with my IG instead but it was good motivation to get the airbrush are put together.

Speaking of the airbrush. Wow did it need a cleaning. There is this place where the color cup meets the expansion chamber that I have to watch. It is hard to reach without doing a full break down of the brush and it tends to be the spot where paint collect and dries. I thought my mix was off then I was base coating these guys. It was coming out very thin. So I thickened my mix, wrong answer. That was a disaster, the brush stopped shooting paint at all. Turns out it was a dirty brush. I like I said a while a go, the first thing to do when you have a problem is break the brush down and clean it.

3rd Battle company is coming along here is the current progress:

Complete Battle Company (3rd) of Imperial Fists

  • Planning - Done
  • Buying - Still 90%, 1 Rhino, a couple of assault marines and HQ models left
  • Assembly - 70% up from 45%a week and a half ago
  • Painting - 35% up from 30%, 2/6 Tactical Squads in done 80% done, 1/2 assault squads 80% done and 0/2 devastators and no HQ yet.
That is what is on the Bench this week. See you next time.


  1. you can get really small interdental brushes I thikn they are called that I find are really good for getting into the difficult bits of your airbrush and scrubbing all the old stuff out :)

  2. Good suggestion! Looking at them on the web they look like they might work. Thanks!