Sunday, October 16, 2011

Project: Gothic Cathedral Done

So the Cathedral is done. There are still a half dozen things I could do, but that is when you should stop with a terrain project. So the base has grass and the windows are not all blown out. I wanted to make this part not totally wrenched. When looking at ruined cities from World War 2, there is always a church left untouched. This is mine.


Painting went fast. That is how terrain goes. I was worried after priming and the first coat of color that I was going to hate it. However, at the second dry brush and adding the shrubs I started to see where it was going to end up. When I added the propaganda posters it all came together.


The model has lots of cool things like a wench to bring ammo up to the roof, Chaos graffiti on the back wall, Nuka Cola billboards used to cover windows, some gore and a flying car billboards as part of the flooring on the roof. These are the fun parts that make the whole things stand out for me.


Next up a pair of row house. I working on the layout now.


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  2. Good work! I love the posters.