Friday, October 21, 2011

Project: Gothic Rubble and Row Houses

Started on the base for the Row Houses. Right now the big job is the rubble piles and making them look like a collapsed building. I have a bag of old Hirst Arts blocks that I cast about 8 years ago that I am cutting up and using as the top layer of rubble. At the moment it looks ok, but we'll see if it look better after painting.


The row house itself is being glues together. For that I am using the amazing stuff called Gorilla Glue. When trying to use plastic glue I found these building would take a great deal of glue to make it solid. The snap-tight nature of these building tends to pop apart and it can be dynamic when it happens. So I called in the toughest glue I could find.

Next step is to start the fortification and building up of the non-collapsed house.

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