Friday, October 14, 2011

Project: Gothic Painting

Painting has started. I am using craft paint for the first time. There are a number of building to paint and I want to keep costs low. To save the detail on the Cathedral I did you spray primer.


The Cathedral itself was primed black and heavy dry brushed with med grey with a slight green tone and then light grey with a slight blue tone. This was to keep the building from being too monochrome. I want it to work as background, but not disappear.


On the base I am using Gesso to improve the toughness of the part that models will be moved around on. The light brown is some brown mixed with the Gesso. I will go back over it with a darker tone when it dries.


The air dry clay of the sandbags soaked up a great deal of paint. I still need to add some texture to the barricades to make them look more like dirt piles. I am still debating on sandbagging them.

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