Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Project: Gothic City Row Houses

Building number 2 is a pair of row houses, one collapsed andone standing. Within the rubble of the collapsed row house is a tankemplacement. Both Houses are on one board so that the free standing row houseprovides cover and an LOS block for the tank emplacement.


The free standing row house will have a 3/4th story sniperposition with a fortified roof. The ground floor will again be an LOS blocklike the cathedral. The roof should be large enough for 2 IG squads. The second floor will have blown out windowsand another smaller fortified position.

The collapsed row house is made from the one spare door wayI had and some old terrain that came from the 3rd edition box set. I have acouple of other ones that I will use to give rubble piles some buildingelements.


The layout of the foam is done and the next step is to starton the rubble pile and tank emplacement.


  1. I like it so far. Is there any way to widen the rear gap so that vehicles can drive in their without taking a dangerous terrain test?

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