Thursday, October 6, 2011

Project: Gothic City Board


Our FLGS has lots of space and tables but a limited set of good terrain and the game groups has been growing. So this is a good excuse to jumping to a new project. I picked up 3 sets of Gothic City Buildings from Pegasus Hobby. Amazon had a deal for 3 sets for about $70. Here are the sets I got.

Pegasus Hobby kits are good. Each kit comes with interchangeable wall sections that let you make lots of different configurations of buildings. These wall segments snap together so you can try out different configurations before you glue them together or leave them interchangeable. For fun I put all the wall sections into one huge 6 story building, totally awesome. For this project I want to make static building on MDF but more about that in a sec. The only issues is that the fit is not perfect so fitting them together can take some force and the tends to 'pop' apart. My guess is this will make construction a challenge when I get them to a board.
The kits are very generous especially for the price. The Building Large set has enough wall sections to fill out the other two kits into larger buildings and create another building. It gave me enough structure for 4 good sized 2 story buildings. The ruined wall sections from Building Ruins Set 1 as a little limiting unless you do some wall damage on your own. But again, this is by far the best system I have seen.


My goals are
  • Dense terrain lots of cover
  • Rugged construction
  • Lots of rubble and built up defensive positions
  • Well modeled details that are fun to look at

In addition, I had some old Forge World defensive lines that I will be adding in to the board terrain. My plan is to go through all the odds and ends I have and really making the board chunky.

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  1. I came across these terrain sets earlier- they look awesome. I'm not in the terrain making business yet (still focusing on getting my army together), but when I am, it'll be these guys.